YouTube Optimization

Here are some general principles to follow:

You should work in an area you like (love even), feel comfortable in and where you have expertise. This is the main point because it will help you to make the BEST VIDEOS YOU CAN and they should be more engaging. Longer views are what YouTube look for because that means people are more engaged and so the content must be better.

You can also look at what people are searching for, so you can be discovered.

Hopefully, there will be a sweet spot where those two intersect.

YouTube is a bit of a Catch 22 – the more popular you are, the more you are promoted by YouTube. People starting out can be left wondering how they can ever get noticed.

Things you can do for free

A system that converts made for youDisclosure: I do earn a commission if you make the decision to purchase from this affiliate link. 

You can look at what people are searching for, make videos about those subjects, and you are more likely to be discovered.

Google provides a free Keyword Planner (if you have free account) where you can research:

  • How many people search for certain keywords each month
  • How much competition those words face
  • Similar keywords, and more

You might like to look for a topic where there is:

  • Low to medium competition
  • Plenty of searches (say 100–1k). It will be easier here than in a hugely searched area.

You can also search your keywords inside typed inside quotation marks like these “ “ to see how many Google sites and YouTube videos are brought up by those exact keywords. If there aren’t too many sites:

  • Less than 100k or 200k Google responses
  • Less than 1k or 500 YouTube videos

You will have a pretty good chance of your video ranking well on Youtube because:

  • People are searching for your keywords
  • There aren’t too many other videos to compete with.

SEO for YouTube

  1. Make an eyecatching custom thumbnail. There are lots of arty sites where you can do this for free, like or Gimp.
  2. Use the keywords you are targeting in the title of your video, and for the title of your thumbnail.
  3. Make a Playlist for your video. Put in it other good videos with the same keywords, especially popular ones. YouTube will start to see you all as the same type of video and you have more chance of being suggested after one of the others is watched.
  4. Write a good description under the video. You have lots of words available here, so use at least 250-500 words. Write good content about your video, add more info to help people and use your keywords naturally in the text.
  5. Use your keywords in the tags.

Spread the Word

Share your video around:

  • all your social media sites
  • friends and family
  • other video platforms
  • embed it in your site
  • look for other social sites where you can add content and link to or embed your video

Things you can pay for

  • YouTube ads are quite cheap, but people generally don’t advertise their videos.
  • You can advertise your channel at Fan Finder. This is something new and we’ll need to watch what sort of results it gets.

There are some good videos on the subject of getting noticed on YouTube itself.

Here’s a video that tells you how to use your videos to interest customers in a made-for-you sales funnel that is proven to work.