What to do about boredom

Here is a short guided meditation that will help you find stillness, peace and beauty inside. Boredom will start to leave you when you find inner peace.

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Some Techniques to Beat Boredom

First, let’s address boredom at a deep, even spiritual, level. Later, we can look at more everyday, practical solutions.

If you look at your life as a whole you might notice:

* Life is a wonderful gift.
* Life is short — the older you get the shorter it looks.
* Life is an adventure, an exploration, a quest.
* Life is an opportunity to help and give.
* If you are bored in your heart, you might not be noticing some of the above.
We are all quite magnificent and infinitely mysterious. Remembering this alone will go a long way to tackling boredom of the heart.

But what do we do about that?

* Lift yourself above the mundane. See yourself as worthy and miraculous.
* Set yourself on a course that gives and gets. Create the expectation that your wonderful mind will be filled with wonderful things. The secret — you are the one who will be filling it.
* The big and the little things are what will fill your mind. Yes the little things too.
* It might seem counter-intuitive, but slowing your mind and finding quiet and even nothingness is how to find your true mind, and fill it.
* We’ll work through 7 categories that will alleviate boredom and get to the very important number 8. BUT knowing you are a spiritual, important being, that the whole is made up of the sum of the parts, that people are well rounded individuals, and that the little things are big, all 8 categories matter.
Eight categories of living that will counter boredom:

* I have isolated eight major areas where you can do something about boredom. I’ll try to go deep within each area even though some of the images may look a bit superficial at first glance.

1. There is plenty out there to entertain, and dare I say, distract you.

* Reading
* Video
* Music
* Art
* Sport
* Games
* Activities

* How to find value and justify these entertainments:
* You can tap into a wealth of human creation, both entertainment and ideas.
* You can activate your humanity and your compassion through all the storytelling that is out there. (Storytelling is in art, and sport and everywhere.)
* You can distract your mind and help it relax.
* We should all have some time for entertainment.
* Some of the best lessons in life come in the form of entertainment.
* Most storytelling is about humanity and what it means to be human.

2. Our bodies are made to be moved.

* Walking
* Running
* Dancing
* Swimming
* Sport
* Gym
* Exploring and adventure
* Kayaking
* Kite flying
* Millions of other examples

* How to find value and justification
* You’ll get a rush of endorphins.
* You’ll become fitter and healthier.
* It’s Use It Or Lose It.
* You’ll see more of your world and appreciate it.
* You may meet others and make friendships.
* You’ll be using your body in the way it is intended to be used.
* Exercise can clear your head, give you moments when the best ideas come to you, and can be meditative.

3. Creativity

* Art
* Music
* Video
* Writing
* Cooking
* Building
* Making things
* Designing or inventing
* Dance and choreography
* So many more

* How to appreciate the value
* You are adding to the beauty and creations in the world, that others can benefit from.
* It’s enormously satisfying.
* You may make something of value, perhaps financial value.
* You may find your tribe, or a community.
* We all have creative energy in us and it feels so good to let it out.
* You can save money by making things.
* You can help others by making things for them, or solving problems for them.

4. Social Activities

* Getting together with friends.
* Getting out and making new friends.
* Joining groups of like minded people.
* Working with people on projects.
* More time with family.
* Making friends on line.
* Reaching out to neighbors.
* As always, many more examples are out there.

* How this can give you real and deep value
* We have evolved as social creatures.
* No one has all the wisdom and we can learn and grow from contact with others.
* We can help others, and they can help us.
* It feels good to get together with friends.
* Friendships deepen with time spent together and doing group activities.

5. Work

* Paid
* Unpaid
* Work around your home
* Work in your community

* How work can give value and alleviate boredom
* Work can pay you, which helps you pay the bills and money is some validation for your efforts.
* Work fills your time and tires you out.
* Work is a pretty important part of human existence.
* You can help others.
* You can gain a sense of achievement.

6. Education and Self-Education

* Courses
* Reading/Watching/Listening
* Natural curiosity
* Learning from experience
* Learning from others who are willing to share

* The value of learning
* Increasing your knowledge and skills are so beneficial.
* It’s interesting, and makes you more interesting.
* You will increase the number of things you are qualified to to and this will lead to more opportunities.
* Everything out there in the world will fit together better in your mind when you know more stuff.
* You will know more and will be able to make better decisions.

7. Helping others

* Now we are getting to the pointy end – where you are alleviating boredom, nourishing your soul and doing good.
* Volunteering.
* Helping those close to you, or those far away.
* Being generally helpful – it doesn’t have to be anything formal, although it may be.
* Giving generously without expectation of extraneous reward.
* Finding intrinsic rewards.

* The value
* If you are helping others, you’ll find boredom will usually disappear as if by magic.
* You’ll be busy, and doing good.
* Just make sure you are being truly helpful and not making people dependent.
* It’s good for the soul and alleviating **deep **boredom.
* You’ll be doing good for yourself too — developing skills and talents.

8. Finding yourself

* If you haven’t found your deep self, the one that is worthy of love and respect by now, you soon will.
* Meditation
* Mindfulness
* Inner peace
* Creativity
* Self- respect

* Why go quiet and do less to alleviate boredom
* It seems counter-intuitive, but it isn’t.
* We all have to live with ourselves and in quietness and slowing down, we find our true, likable selves.
* In learning to love and embrace nothingness, we see that it wasn’t so much boring, as peaceful.
* When we have found the empty vessel, we know what activities are the best fit to fill it.
* It doesn’t have to be standard meditation if that is not something that you want to do. It could be a walk in nature, or sitting quietly for a few minutes, or listening to music. The common factor is going deep and getting to know and appreciate our true self.* It involves coming to terms with the place where boredom resides and not hating or being afraid of it. It involves embracing nothingness to find fulfillment.

Can you see that finding yourself is very important?
Can you also see that this can be done by 1–7 as well as by 8? They are all aspects of the same thing. Choose whatever suits your personality best, but don’t dismiss number 8.

At the top of this page is a short guided meditation to help you find the place of peace inside that will help with that unsettled feeling of boredom.