What is Productivity?

Productivity is getting lots of stuff done … or is it?

How I have set up Future-Proofing for my life. Who knows what the future holds.

Disclosure: A future that I control involves making commissions, so if you are keen to do the same, I will receive a commission.

  • First we have busy work — someone who turns up to work and is skillful at looking busy without really getting much done. This isn’t productivity.
  • If you are working for yourself, there is procrastinating and distraction — sitting there without getting much done. That can be frustrating.
  • Let’s get onto some better levels…
  • Getting lots done is productivity. The trouble here is that you might not be doing the stuff that will really benefit you. While cleaning is important, you might spend a day doing lots of cleaning, or building something new and useful. You’ll have more to show for the built thing, because once you have done cleaning next week, say, things will be just as clean as if you cleaned them today and next week.
  • Getting useful and appropriate things done is more important and more productive.
  • Taking time to plan out what is the very most beneficial thing to be doing and working hard on that is the most productive you can be.
  • This involves some time spent planning and evaluating where your energies should be spent.

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