10 Strategies to become an Achiever

Here are some strategies for achievement. You can cherry pick the ones that work for you:

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  1. Fix or relocate your environment.
    • Remove distractions.
    • Go to a library, coffee shop or some space where you can concentrate.
    • Work when everyone is asleep or not home if other people distract you, or shut yourself away somewhere on your own.
    • Find a mild distraction that you can focus with – I’m listening to music in my headphones right now, but still working.
  2. Pair the task with something you do enjoy.
  3. Play your favorite music as you work.
  4. Work with focus for 25 minutes (set a timer) and have a 5 minute break. Do something you enjoy in your break, and try to make it active. Repeat. You are doing deals with yourself. That’s productive. To find out more details Google “Pomodoro Technique.”

6.  A similar tactic is to bribe yourself.

  • Get the work done and you can go for a swim, buy yourself a small indulgence, talk to a friend, have 30 minutes entertainment, anything you find rewarding.

7.  Remember that you want this. And why.

  • Focus on why you want to do this. You have said you want to be a hard worker. Remember that you want it.
  • WHY is very important. It will keep you going.
8. Commit – motivation is a DECISION. I didn’t say it was fun or easy. Click To Tweet

9.  This is a good one.

  • Just try 5 minutes.
  • Once you start, you might do more than 5 minutes…
  • You are now doing it. Keep doing it until it is break time.
  • Remember you will get a break soon
  • which you will go hard at
  • and then on cue, you will go back to work
  • then another break.
  • There is always a break coming.
How to do it - put your body in place. Click To Tweet

10. How to do it – put your body in place.

  • Feet under the desk.
  • Put your bottom on the chair.
  • Put your hands on the keyboard.
  • Direct your eyes to the screen.

This works with any type of job.

  • Pick up the phone and call a prospect.
  • Pick up your shovel and start that garden.

You’re doing it!

Good luck.

Have I made the transformation from procrastinator to hard worker?

  • I was a procrastinating student.
  • I was very procrastinating teacher, taking marking and preparation home at night and bringing it back the next day, unmarked and unprepared.
  • Now I can still spend a lot of time at home and even though I have the commitment and think I’m working, I don’t get much done.
  • I do work with laser focus in my favorite coffee shop – I’m here right now. I’m getting stuff done and I get a sense of satisfaction when I’ve completed a productive session of work.

I have written more about a motivation blocks here and how to vanquish procrastination here