Repurposing. A lot of bang for your blogging buck.

This workflow extracts a lot of value for me from the starting point of one piece of writing. It gives good value too, because the article is rewritten and added to during this process.

  • I like to start with a Quora question. It’s a great site because people ask questions. So, the answer will meet a need for one person, and it’s the perfect way to get ideas flowing. I can visualize a real person who will be benefitting from having their question answered. And I don’t have to think of my own topic.
  • Answering a question is meeting a need for somebody. I hope that there are more than this one person who has the same need for an answer.
  • But hoping isn’t scientific. There is a great search facility on Pinterest where popular topics, subtopics and sub-subtopics are ranked in order of popularity. This helps to find what people might want to read. It is always a good idea to write on topics that people are searching for. That is what they want to know, and if they are searching, the article should get found.

Disclosure:  It is an internet profit system, so there is commission there for those who join, as well as great training. I’ve joined, so I’ll receive commission if you think this is for you. 

  • So I said I used Pinterest. You might notice that isn’t Google analytics or anything along those lines. Pinterest is really a search engine, with pretty pictures to represent the links. And because of the way it represents its most popular searches, it is wonderful to use.

  • This process of repurposing leverages my efforts. I still have to rewrite to suit the various platforms, but I don’t need to repeat research and thinking. Once I have worded something, it isn’t be too hard to say it in a different, but similar, way, and make a few different points.
  • At the same time as I’m rewriting, I’m thinking of a further rewrite for other content, like an eBook or a slideshow. Some content is well suited to this, so the thought is always in the back of the mind.
  • All my artwork can be tweaked to meet the needs (and dimensions) of the various sites.
  • I might even be able to express various aspects of the article in more than one Pinterest graphic.
  • I can then direct readers from Quora, Pinterest and Medium to seek more information, or another perspective, on my blog. Voila, traffic.
  • SEO is always changing, but the visits from other sites might count as backlinks to my site.
  • With any luck, this process will help build my reputation as an authority in the topic.
  • Sometimes Quora answers even come up in Google searches, and I’m sure Medium will fill this role too.
  • I benefit from looking at the topic from various viewpoints, and often get aha moments (I bolded that so that I’d get more of those magic moments), other ideas and perspectives during the process.
  • I don’t stop at this repurposing. When I get time, there are eBooks, videos, slideshows to make… all very different, but all from the same root stock.
  • The sites cited above — Quora, Medium, Pinterest — are only examples. There are lots of platforms well suited to various content where this process will work.
  • The principle is to think of ways to recycle, repurpose and refresh content. Never just copy and paste, but exploring different facets of the info, and building on what has been written before is win-win for everyone.