The Blogging Road Less Travelled

So I’ve read a “How to blog better” advising me to do a loooong blog comment, controversial so it upsets half the people who read it, with me way out of my comfort zone. Oh dear.

In sheer desperation, I’ve tried a couple of alternatives because that advice doesn’t make me feel good.

1. I tried to add an image, but can’t in a blog comment. Embedding a video might work.

2. I’m trying to embed a very short (less than 10 seconds) YouTube with a horror theme, to show how unsettled I am, to be different and to avoid a lot of typing. Up to you the blog owner whether they approve it or not.

Up to WordPress whether it works or not as a comment. It will work on my blog though…

3. I’d use headings and bolding if Comments would accept that, and maybe I could add some html, but that seems a bit intrusive, so I’m using a numbered list. They are easier to read and invite skimming, which equals attention these days.

4. In the hopes that a joke is worth 1000 words, I’ve gone hunting for a few:

She: How are you?
He: For details, read my blog.

She: I have nothing to say.
He: You should blog about it.

Parent at dinner table: Well yes, we could read your blog, or you could just tell us about your school day.

5. White space is worth its weight in gold. Using some here.

6. Seriously, the blog post gave me some valuable tough love. I’ve taken on the point about controversy – see how hard I tried to avoid it – this time at least.