Ninja Study Tips

Timing your study will save you a lot of time in study.

Start early

  • Commit – it sounds like you have done that, but just note that it helps a lot.
  • Even before your class, read what you can on the topic. Then, when it is taught:
    • It will have a familiarity for you, and it will already be ‘your info’.
    • You’ll be able to add to what you already know.
    • The repetition will help you learn it.
    • You’ll be able to ask questions and fill in gaps in what you don’t know, or what you need to have explained.
    • The teacher will be impressed ?

After the lesson

  • Read through your notes or your text asap.
  • This will have the advantages listed above and it will further cement the info for you.
  • By now, you have ‘broken the back’ of your study.

Revise before the test

  • Make notes involving your understanding and insights as well as the facts.
  • Learn the facts.
    • You can use a visual memory technique because it is very effective.
    • I have an eBook almost ready for publication on Amazon on this subject.
    • In the meantime, you can Google Memory Palace or Memory Mansion to learn about the technique.
  • Try to have everything learnt well before the last minute, so you can just read over your info and go in to the text relaxed and confident.
  • If you are still trying to memorize at the last minute, just do what you can. Another advantage of visual memory is that it is quite fun and relaxing, so you might be more motivated to do it earlier.

On test day

  • Relax
    • If you are well prepared, this should be easier.
    • If you can take some deep breaths and (almost) enjoy the experience, your recall will be better.
  • Focus and concentrate
  • Let it flow, especially if you are writing essays or paragraphs for your answers.

There’s an article with more study help here.

Good luck!