Morning Time Hack

I’ve found the best habit is to Turn Your Morning Upside Down.

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By this I mean – don’t push against the last minute. If you are working backwards from the time you have to leave, a minute or two miscalculation or delay and you are in trouble.

If you can turn things around, and do your getting ready early, you can then have the time between when you are ready and when you have to leave as your time. You have earned it and there is nothing that will get in the way.

Instead of putting those essential tasks off until you have to do them, start them way earlier than you think necessary.

  • Do them as quickly and urgently as you can, and then your time is your own.
  • If you aren’t a morning person, or if you don’t have much time, do as much as you can the night before.
  • It will be painful, especially if you are tired, but it will pay off many times over in the morning.
    Unfortunately, you might find that starting earlier was necessary, just to be ready on time, but at least you are ready on time.
  • There will be advantages in being on top of your morning, calling the shots rather than falling victim to the clock, not being rushed and pressured.
  • This works for everything. For example when you are ready, if you need to leave 10 minutes before your train, leave 15 minutes before, or try to catch an earlier train. You can use those few minutes to chill, breathe, not to feel behind or under pressure. You can walk rather than run, perhaps get a coffee. You might be able to spend a few minutes going through a park or just observing the early morning.

It’s about thinking differently and doing an ounce of preparation, that is better than a pound of cure. This type of thinking probably isn’t popular with non-morning people, but it works. It’s the secret that morning people have, and they don’t share it readily.

And it’s only trading procrastinating-early time with ‘procrastinating-later’ time. The difference is that you can afford to procrastinate later, once you have done all you need to do to be ready for your day.