Making Money with YouTube

1. Make Great Content that People are Searching For

YouTube favors good, entertaining videos. The best way to rank on YouTube is if people watch the videos for a long time. It tells the bots that the video is engaging for people. The only way to have people stick around and watch your video is to make it entertaining, or informative. Make videos that you love and your passion will come through, and others should love them too.

2. Get the Word out About Your Videos

Start with spreading the word around friends and family and your social media friends.

Then you can do a bit of SEO to optimize the keywords and title etc. Look at what people are searching for, so you can be discovered.

Google provides a free Keyword Planner (if you have free account) where you can research:

  • How much competition those words face
  • How many people search for certain keywords each month
  • Similar keywords, and more

A video about affiliate marketing to make money from YouTube

You might like to look for a topic where there are:

  • Plenty of searches (say 100–1k). It will be easier here than in a hugely searched area.
  • Low to medium competition

You can also search your keywords inside typed inside quotation marks like these “ “ to see how many Google sites and YouTube videos are brought up by those exact keywords. If there aren’t too many sites:

  • Less than 100k or 200k Google responses
  • Less than 1k or 500 YouTube videos

You will have a pretty good chance of your video ranking well on Youtube because:

  • People are searching for your keywords
  • There aren’t too many other videos to compete with.

Use your keywords for the title of your video, and use them naturally in the description.

You can also look for topics that are trending and if you can make videos quickly, you might be able to make videos on those topics, as long as you add to the conversation that is already going on in the world.

There are some good free videos on YouTube on this topic.

3. To Make Money:

  • It will take hard work and consistency.
  • Make a plan to take massive action.
  • Work that plan every day.
  • Improve your content.
  • Make more content.
  • Reach out to people in the places where they hang out.
  • Form real relationships and give value.
  • Have a measure to see if your plan is working.
  • Evaluate this regularly.
  • If it isn’t working, make changes and keep working.
  • If you don’t know what changes to make, work out what others are doing that works for them.
  • You might have to do more of the things that are hard or that scare you.
  • Research and learn all the time.

Monetize by:

  • Ads on your videos (but this isn’t necessarily the best way to make money).
  • Affiliate marketing. This video explains how this can work.
  • Driving traffic to your online shop.
  • Making videos for others.
  • Becoming a great TV Channel.
  • Promoting music or your eBook or other products.
  • Promoting other products and product placement.
  • Reviewing, then driving traffic to other sites.
  • Becoming a celebrity and then doing personal appearances or speaking gigs.
  • Introducing and selling courses or other products.
  • Can you think of other ways? There are so many.