How to Vanquish Procrastination

This is an answer to a Quora question about getting over challenges and beating procrastination:

I don’t want to make it sound like I think it is easy for you. Challenges make it harder, so good on you tackling this issue.

I’d suggest that every little thing you do is something achieved, and therefore an instance where you have beaten procrastination.

To stay focused, ask yourself what is the most important battle(s) to fight. What are your priorities, in other words?

Time spent in planning where best to direct your energies will be time well spent.

Once you have a plan:

  • Congratulate yourself
  • Commit
  • Break it down into small tasks
  • List them in ordermmit
  • Commit
  • Remind yourself how important this is to you
  • Work our some small rewards for yourself (above the rewards of just getting the things done, which are also very rewarding)

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  • Set up some things to help you work
    • Get all you need assembled and ready
    • Get music, or anything else that helps you work
    • Remove or postpone distractions
    • Set timers, tell an accountability buddy, block out your calendar, whatever helps
  • Give yourself credit for all you have done so far
  • Get started

  • Keep working, with short breaks
  • Congratulate yourself for all achievements — Done more than nothing? That is an achievement.
  • Track your progress
  • Review and improve your system if it helps you improve