Fast Habits

Can you establish a new habit within a week?

It’s up to you. The most important parts of change are decision and commitment. You can do those in an instant.

If you make up your mind that this is your new habit, not negotiable, then it is your new habit.

Start doing it, and after a week, you’ll only be stronger in the habit.

Tell yourself that if you have:

  • decided
  • committed
  • implemented for one week
    • there is no going back. This is the new you.
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There are different theories and opinions as to how long it takes to make a new habit, but they are only theoretical. If you start doing something and keep doing it – guess what — you have made a new habit.

The only thing that is really necessary is YOU. You can make it a habit in any amount of time you like if you never waver. And if you do waver, just get back on with the habit. You are the author of this, and the beneficiary.

Calendar with every day from day 1 ticked because the habit is permanent right from the start if you commit to it and follow through.

Something that will help you is the little, but hugely powerful, word WHY.

If you focus on why you want this, you will be invested in making the change and you will see it through. To help this process:

  • Record why you want this, and how much you want it.
  • Write down your decision.
  • Make the commitment and keep that in front of you.
  • Describe how you will make it a habit.
  • Record how you will do it.
  • Record words to keep you going when the going gets tough.
  • Note that if there are challenges, you will get through them, and keep on re-committing, if necessary.
  • Acknowledge what you will have to give up, and get used to doing without it, or make substitutions. For example, if you are giving up chocolate, can you promise yourself something like a good coffee each day as a trade-off.
  • Put in place anything you need to ensure it works:
    • Explain to others and enlist their support. Ignore any negativity.
    • Assemble the resources you need.
    • Clear the time needed.
    • Remove temptation to go back to old ways.
    • Keep in mind the benefits.
    • Record your progress.
    • Decide what success looks like, so you know when you achieve it.
  • Remember that even a tiny improvement is indeed an improvement. Build up those tiny improvements.

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Best of luck!

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