Extra Curricular Activities – Go for them

Extra curricular activities – they have so many benefits. If there is any way you can fit them in after you make sure that you will pass, and have enough money to survive – go for them.

I’d suggest choosing from these categories:

  • Groups where you meet people.
    • The more friends and networks you make at university, the better. These will be the basis for friendships and business contacts for the rest of your life. You might even meet a life partner — this happens more than you think.
  • Anything where you practice the skills you will use in your career.
  • Extra-curriculars where you learn other skills not directly related to your area of study.
  • Anything where you have fun.
  • Activities where you keep fit.
    • You need to keep fit anyway.
  • Causes you are passionate about.
  • You may never be as passionate as you are when you are young, so this is a good time to get involved.

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Put your study and survival (part time job?) first, but all of these will enrich your life and often lead to much more in later life than we could ever imagine.

University years are busy and can be stressful, but the world of work will be upon you soon enough. There will never be so many people and so many groups nearby and this is a great time to take advantage of all that extra-curricular life has to offer.