Drive traffic from Pinterest to your site

These simple tips will send people from your Pins to your Site.

Send traffic from Pinterest to your site

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  • Always include some text.
  • Always include a description to explain and entice more.
  • Show what your site will offer eg “7 Tips for …” This gives a reason for people to click through to your site.
    • Be sure to deliver on this promise when the people arrive at your site.
  • Brand your pins, but also try some different looks and ideas. This is A-B testing really.
  • Think creatively. Might people who are interested in your site also be interested in Topic B or C? Put some pins there and slant them towards the topics and show how your site would be of interest to them. Be sure to give value and not be spammy.
  • Give value — that was worth repeating.
  • Include a small logo somewhere on your pins.


  • Pinterest has a great search facility.
  • You can name and direct you pins and boards towards what people are searching for.An example of Pinterest search results to show how to find keywords and what to pin about
  • The image above shows the top searches for eCommerce.
    • These should give you ideas for your posts on Pinterest.
    • You can even drill down further by clicking on the topics.


  • Curate good content.
  • You can embed your curated pinboards on your website.
  • I’ve done that here. I made a Pinterest Board and pinned on it a wealth of information for you on the topic of driving traffic to your blog or site via Pinterest. I then embedded the Board on my site and here is the link to go and look at it.
  • You can use other sites like Quora to also establish your authority and link that writing to your site and use Pinterest as part of this process.

MAKING YOUR SITE IMAGES PINNABLE (so that once people pin from your site, and those pins will drive other traffic back from Pinterest to your site)

  • No matter what images you have on your site, make some more that are designed with that Pinterest look.
    • Mostly, go for Pinterest shape, which is narrow and long. Pinterest images have to fit in a narrow column, but length isn’t such an issue.
    • Also put text on the images to:
      • give people a reason to pin
      • give an idea of the content of your site
      • include a call to action, via a subtle reason to click on the pin image
  • If it’s time-efficient for you, make some images in different color schemes and with different looks. Do this, no matter what the color scheme or branding on your site.
    • Having said that, you may still want these images to represent your brand, so this will be a bit of a balancing act for you.
  • Upload these images to your site, but make them invisible. They will come up as an option when someone is pinning from your site, but not otherwise.
    • You don’t have to make the invisible if you can make pinnable images that look right on your blog. If the images are too large, you can load them full size but display them smaller and they should revert to the full size when they are pinned to Pinterest.
    • When someone tries to pin from your site, they will be offered all images, including these.
    • These images are more likely to be chosen as the pins because they look right and have the information needed for Pinterest.
    • The reason you are doing variations, is that if someone has a color scheme or a look for their board, there will be choices when they are pinning from your site.
    • Google how to hide pinnable images on your site if you want to do this. It involves putting a little code around your images and there are articles that will explain the whole process.
  • Pinterest is a search engine and it reads your alt text.
    • When you put any image on your site, include alt text and use a few keywords. This is good for people who have visual issues, but also the Pinterest engines will read it.
  • I hope you get lots of traffic. I’d love to hear how you go. This is the link to the embedded board with a lot more information for you.