Clear your mind for a productive day

I think the best system is one that suits YOU.

You might want to keep it simple with just one thing, or run through a list of morning rituals.

If you want to keep it simple, and sustainable (which is vital) find one thing that represents ‘mind is being cleared and productive day is starting.’ Otherwise run through a routine of many things that are most important to you.

I’ll give you a few ideas. Treat them like a menu and pick and choose what suits you. Everyone will be different.

Here are 6 items, in an easy-to-remember mnemonic.

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Disclosure: I receive commission from this – it’s how I’m securing my future in an uncertain world. 



  • You can make your morning great by giving it a few minutes the evening or night before. If you get very tired (like I do) don’t leave this too late.
  • As you finish work
    • tidy up a little
    • write a To Do List for the next day
    • set things up so you can get straight into your next day
    • get exercise gear ready
    • make sure you have what you need for a healthy breakfast and lunch


  • Whatever suits you
    • Walk, jog, bike, dance, swim…
    • At home, at the gym, out in nature, on the streets…
    • A few short intervals or a full session


  • Drink a glass or two of water.
  • Have a healthy breakfast.
  • Organize a healthy lunch and even dinner if you can. Hopefully you set this up beforehand. If so, remember what you did so that you commit to leaving the vending machine alone.
  • Tell your mind that you are doing the best for your body and this is how your day will continue.

D – Do, as in TO DO

  • Work out the most important thing to achieve today.
  • Check or make your To Do List.
  • Commit to your priorities.
  • D is also for Distractions. Banish them for the day.


  • Spend some time in gratitude.
  • Count your blessings. We all have so many.
  • Give some appreciation to yourself for how far you have come already. Every little thing counts.
  • Know you can build on what you have done.


  • Spend a minute or two in silence and mindfulness.
  • My optometrist recommended a minute or two with warm (not hot) compress on eyes. There’s my slow-down time.
  • Center yourself. And Breathe.

Hope your NewDays are clear and the start of your best, productive days!

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