Call for Group Board Members – how did that go?

New group board looking for members. Report on blog as to how this pin is performing.

This is the Pin that I am using as a board cover, to see if it entices people to this group board.  I’m keeping a record below of what happens and how the membership of the board is going. 

How did this Pin perform?

On April 29 2017, I made this board and designed this Board Cover so that people could see, when they browsed the board, that it is a Group Board looking for members.

No members yet as of April 29 2017. Watch here for updates.

May 1 – no members yet. I pinned some Internet Marketing wisdom to the board and invited the Pinners that Pinterest offered me, to the board. This was to get the board started so there was something worthwhile for people to join. I’ll leave it alone soon, to see if the board cover will be sufficient to attract new people to the Board.

people suggested by pinterest to join board 1 May 17

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