Getting over procrastination

This is an answer to a Quora question about getting over challenges and beating procrastination: I don’t want to make it sound like I think it is easy for you. Challenges make it harder, so good on you tackling this issue. I’d suggest that every little thing you do is something achieved, and therefore an […]

What is Productivity?

Productivity is getting lots of stuff done … or is it? How I have set up Future-Proofing for my life. Who knows what the future holds. Disclosure: A future that I control involves making commissions, so if you are keen to do the same, I will receive a commission. First we have busy work — […]

Stickability is like a muscle

I discovered this Quora question – in essence, wanting to feel more accomplished instead of wasting time on social media and boredom. Plenty of us have this issue, so I hope this answer is helpful for you too. To achieve what you want, there will need to be some changes. Some changes will involve moving away […]

Morning Time Hack

I’ve found the best habit is to Turn Your Morning Upside Down. By this I mean don’t push against the last minute. If you are working backwards from the time you have to leave, a minute or two miscalculation or delay and you are in trouble. If you can turn things around, and do your […]