Strategies for Working From Home

To work productively from home, you need to find a way to make your mind say, “I’m at work now, time to focus, no distractions allowed..”

Think of what it is like working at a job:

  1. You have to work and not be distracted.
  2. You have to give value for your pay.
  3. You have one purpose for the day – doing your work.

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When you work at home, for yourself, you need to do whatever it takes to get your mind into the same space. Some suggestions:

  1. Give yourself some psychological cues to feel like you are at work, and this shouldn’t be negotiable:
  • Put on your ‘working clothes,’ ‘working lanyard,’ ‘working hat’ – whatever you like.
  • Have your ‘getting to work coffee.’ Even go for a morning walk to get that coffee and bring it home to get started. It will help clear your head for getting started.
  • Put on your ‘focusing headphones’.
  • Let the clock get you started if you can set some ‘working hours’. Set a timer, or get your working music going. Mentally clock on.
  • Go to your dedicated working space, or set one up on the kitchen table each day.
  • Turn off your distractions. This means it’s time to get serious.

2.  Set up your environment for success.

  • Have everything you need at the ready.
  • Do all you can within your budget to make a space for working that is very conducive to working.

3.  Let others know you are at work.

  • Promise them your undivided attention later, when the work is done.
  • Enlist them as allies.
  • If you have to provide for others, try to get that done before you start.
  • Let your friends know that you are serious about your work hours. This is not drop-in-and-chat time — that can come later.