Procrastination – Beat it with TIMING

Here’s a simple choice:

You could feel good NOW, and long-term you could feel DISSATISFIED AND DISAPPOINTED.


You could take a little pain now, in exchange for feeling ACCOMPLISHED AND SATISFIED long term.



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The rewards for the Achiever will be greater than the rewards that the Procrastinator receives because, for them, the reward is coupled with guilt.

This plays out like this:

The first road:

  • The procrastinator knows they should be doing something useful.
  • They watch another YouTube, or play another game, or eat another snack.
  • They feel guilty, but powerless.
  • They don’t get anything beneficial done.
  • They feel bad.

The second road:

  • While a video or a game or a snack would be good, it gets put aside for…
  • some beneficial work.
  • This wasn’t easy but:
    • it was a decision
    • it was following through with commitment
    • it banishes guilt and…
    • even feels a little righteous, or at least disciplined.
  • There might be feelings of pride, or accomplishment.
  • The good stuff gets done.
  • When the work is done, guess what…
  • there might be time for that video, game, snack…
  • or the good feelings might even lead to some endorphin-filled exercise. It’s up to the achiever to decide.

So the two paths aren’t all that different, it’s all about timing. If you can ‘procrastinate’ about your procrastination — you have busted it.

Do the hard thing NOW and you are free to do whatever you like later. Just adjust the timing.

There’s more on How to Vanquish Procrastination here.

Good luck with resetting your timing.