How to Get Past a Motivation Wall

You like your work, but stress comes in and distractions pop up…

There are a lot of positives to work with here:

  • You like and want to proceed with your projects.
  • You are aware of the cause of the problem.

The stress seems to me to be something like Voldemort – people are too scared to say its name. So it needs to be exposed for the fake that it is and its power can be destroyed.

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Here’s a short video:

Once you recognize stress, you have points of decision:

  • Project + Stress v Distraction which looks much more appealing.
  • Decide that Stress is a separate issue. Would a mindfulness break, or a walk at lunchtime, or a trip to the water cooler break its stranglehold?
  • Stress or not, you still have the decision – Project v Distraction. Decide on Project.
  • Look out for that moment of decision. Once you can pick it out, you can pre-decide and apply your decision. You won’t be at the whim of your fickle brain that opts for distractions all the time.
  • Don’t give yourself a moment to be weak (because we all are). If you can find that point of decision, go for Project.
  • You can decide to defer the distracting thing. For example, just work on your project with full focus for 30 minutes and then rethink. Hopefully by then you might have built up some momentum and some success to keep you going, but know that you can fall back into the distraction if you need to.
  • You are only asking yourself to commit for 30 minutes so don’t make it feel like 8 hours.
  • Later, you can do another 30 minutes, and so on.