How to Beat Being Boring

This is an answer I wrote to a question asked on Quora about how to change and not be boring, especially within relationships.

You seem to have judged yourself to be boring. We can be so critical of ourselves and that isn’t helpful, unless it is an area where we really want to change. Anyway, assuming you want to be more interesting for your own goals, and we could probably all do with a little improvement, here are some ideas. Choose what suits you.

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  1. Be interested in the world.
  • Read
  • Watch
  • Browse
  • Learn
  • Discuss
  • Think

2. Be interested in people.

  • Meet new people.
  • Join in.
  • Get involved.
  • Listen and listen more than you speak.

3. Be interested in doing things.

  • Do things.
  • Try new things.
  • Exercise and move.
  • Travel, explore.
  • Take up new interests.

4. Help others.

  • Help people.
  • Get involved in good causes.

5. Most of all, think of other people more than yourself.

6. And a bonus:

  • Try mindfulness. Counterintuitively, going quiet and into yourself will make you more interesting in these ways:
    • You’ll develop inner calm and inner peace.

  • This will make you stronger and more confident in your abilities and what and how you share.
  • This will make you stronger and more confident in your abilities and what and how you share.
  • You will be stronger in the face of criticism and discerning about whether you need to improve.
  • You’ll be more confident and energetic about developing an interesting self.
  • You’ll find your inner wisdom about this and all things.
  • You will learn how to be still and quiet, which is the opposite of boredom. You will find less boredom around you in general.
  • You will be less likely to judge — others and especially yourself because you will find inner peace.
  • You will notice things more — when you walk you will walk mindfully and a mindful person who notices things will have more interesting things to talk about.

These will all make you more interesting. The common factor is to be interested.

You’ll have so many new ideas and interests that you will have lots of interesting things to talk about, and lots of interesting things happening in your life.

By the way — If people are telling you that you are boring, it says more about them than you and it’s best not to let toxic people disturb you. I think you aren’t quite coming from this place, though.

Here is an article about boredom, and a short guided meditation to deal with boredom. If you aren’t bored, you will find more interest in life.

Hope everyone finds this article helpful.