Affiliate Marketing DiagramAffiliate marketing is one of the best ways that ordinary people can make money on the internet. It works because it is a win-win situation for all the stakeholders in the process.

Sellers are always happy to have more customers, and if they can have targeted customers arriving at their sales page without any effort or expense from them, they are happy to pay a commission to the Affiliate who sent them the customers.

Affiliates often don’t have the resources or the desire to perform the entire production and sales process. All they have to do is get people to notice the product, interest them in the product and direct those people to the sales page or sales funnel. They can participate in the process and earn commission without having to involve themselves in other parts of the process that are beyond the scope of what they might want to do.

Buyers need not pay more. In fact, they often get cheaper prices, more choice and better service from this process. Affiliate marketing can be a very cost-effective way for sellers to do business and the savings can translate into better prices for customers.

The Affiliate Marketplace can profit from this system by providing the services and software that the sellers, affiliates and buyers need to make the transactions smooth and efficient. They can ensure that affiliates get paid and that buyers are directed efficiently to sellers.

Control your income – Control your future.

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* Full disclosure: I’ll receive a commission if you join this awesome program.


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