No need to be your own worst critic

This blog post is my response to a question asked on Quora, a question and answer site.

The Question: Why do I feel in life that I am constantly judged and criticised?

The Answer: You know what, we all do, until we learn it’s ‘fake news.’

We all think we are being judged and criticised, but our harshest judge and critic is… ourselves.

Other people are thinking most about… themselves. Like this.

They are most likely thinking that others are judging and criticising them. Worrying about what others think is very common.

So round and round it goes. When you get older, you might have an epiphany and figure out it isn’t worth worrying about so much. Then you will be happier, but why wait until you are older?

It can be crippling, so try not to ‘feel’ judgment and criticism so much. Have fun and thoughts of those things will fade away a bit. Life should be fun.

It should also be productive

Worrying about what others think can destroy your ability to achieve. It can be crippling and can even knock your productivity down to zero.

Here are more ideas about how to focus and be productive.

There’s more here, although it does talk about getting older (but we are all doing that).

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